Car Carriers

Carry Your Bike Wherever You Want

Most of the biking enthusiasts would love to carry their bikes along when they go camping. Putting them at the back of your SUV’s or pickup cars will just eat up the space. Besides, carrying your bikes to the desired location can be a problem if you do not have the required supporting tools and accessories. For this reason bike racks and carriers have now become must-have accessories if you like to drive to places for biking. Therefore, at Le Tour, we offer top quality tow ball bike racks that are designed to offer numerous benefits.

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Alloy Car Roof Bike Bicycle Frame Mount Carrier Rack
56% OFF RRP $169.95
Platform Car Rack 4 Bike Carrier Bicycle with Turning Lights
33% OFF RRP $449.95
Alloy Car Roof Bike Bicycle Fork Mount Carrier Rack
59% OFF RRP $169.95
Pacific A-Frame 4 Bike Tow Ball Car Rack Boomerang Base
33% OFF RRP $219.95
Pacific Platform Car Rack 2 Bike Carrier
8% OFF RRP $379.95
Pacific 3 Bike Carrier Boot Rack
38% OFF RRP $119.95
Pacific A-Frame 2 Bike Tow Ball Car Rack Straight Base
42% OFF RRP $189.95
Pacific A-Frame 3 Bike Tow Ball Car Rack Boomerang Base
41% OFF RRP $219.95
Pacific A-Frame Boomerang Base

Pacific A-Frame Boomerang Base


11% OFF RRP $64.00
Pacific Square Bike Bicycle Hitch 4 Bike Car Rack
45% OFF RRP $289.95